Prenatal Testimonials

Katherine B.

I LOVED having chiropractic care during my pregnancy. I experienced lower back pain, pain in my hips and legs and the overall aches of pregnancy. Every time I visited Dr. Allison Mankey she would talk to me about what I was feeling that week and make adjustments to help alleviate my symptoms and make me feel better. My healthy little boy was born quickly and with no medication or complications.

When recommending chiropractic care during pregnancy I tell people - Yes! It's something that makes you feel 100% better and it helps lower the risk of complications during delivery.

I loved talking with Dr. Allison during each of my treatments. She listened to all my complaints of back pain, my difficulties sleeping, and everything else that hurts when pregnant. She was helpful in providing tips and stretches I could do at home. Also, I enjoyed the information about child birth and baby care that she gave to me. This is definitely something that every pregnant woman should have for prenatal care.

Kyla S.

I was seen by Dr. Allison Mankey at the recommendation of my midwife to try to flip my breech baby at 38 weeks. Using the Webster Technique, the baby flipped - and a side perk? Almost all of my late pregnancy discomfort was relieved.

She's also a super sweet person and genuinely cares. Staff is very efficient also and I never had to wait to be seen.

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